The musical circuit

By Sebastian Pompilio

Starting from a musical idea that we have about a piece to be executed, going through the inspiration of the moment, the feelings and sensations that the music produces in us, until we reach the executing part of all this, that is, the hands. What happens during this journey? Are we transmitting what we really want? How can we unite the cognitive part with the emotional part and bring it to our hands and fingers? Is the sound result really what we hear or imagine?

I have developed this workshop analyzing the function that the entire body of the instrumentalist fulfills when interpreting a musical work, beyond the performing hands, incorporating it as a fundamental link in an imaginary chain.

In this workshop I will show you:

How to naturally transmit the entire set of musical ideas and internal sensations when performing to the performing part: the hands and fingers.

How to channel impulses, nerves and bad thoughts.

How to incorporate the entire body in musical and technical performance.